5 Best Fitness Band under 1000 in India (March 2024)

Best Fitness Band Under 1000

Best Fitness Band Under 1000-Health and fitness are an essential key for everyone to make them feel energized for the whole day. How would it be if someone will help you to reach your target by monitoring your activities schedule! For this reason, I am introducing various fitness bands. Whether you are training for a marathon or doing regular exercise to keep yourself in good shape, this smart band will help you to reach your goal systematically.

Best Fitness smart Band under 1000

Best Fitness Band Under 1000

Those who want to pick cheap but best smart band under 1000, minimal options are there in the market. Still, I have come up with a few decent choices in your budget. Please go through the article to become familiar with the specs and features of these fitness bands.

1.Mi Band 3 (Black)


  • 0.78-inch OLED touch screen display
  • Enabled with heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking
  • Water-resistant
  • Can give the weather forecast
  • Bluetooth connectivity

First, my list comes Mi Band with having various features to track your activity. It comes from skin-friendly non-energic material to ensure comfortable wearing. Android technology helps the band to create your account to unlock it.

You can also unlock it using your fingerprint. You can have your shower wearing this waterproof and sweat-proof fitness band. This fitness band under 1000 is scratchproof. Enabled with a fitness tracker, it can alert you when you are warming up your body to improve the blood circulation.

It has Bluetooth connectivity to make it connected with Android and IOS versioned smartphones. Pedometer and sleep monitor are the other added features.

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2.Muzili Smart Fitness Band IPX7 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch


  • Enabled with heart rate monitor
  • It is waterproof
  • Receives notifications for call or message
  • Comes with a sleep timer
  • Touch screen display

Muzili comes second in the list of the best smart fitness band under 1000 with having 14-sports exercise mode. It has a fitness tracker to count your steps, calory burnouts in your activities, like- jogging, cycling, walking, and many more.

The training mode timer can auto-record all your physical exercises. You can use this recording feature whenever you want. You need only a 3-seconds timer to enter and exit from the part.

It has a sleep monitoring feature to track your sleep duration. You were designed with a touch screen display to notify you of all the alerts from your smartphone.

After receiving a full charge, Muzili smart band can run for 7-days, whether in standby mode or regular usage. It has navigation functionality to help you find your device. You can capture images with this wristband using your smartphone camera.

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3.MevoFit Drive Fitness Band & Smart Watch: Smart-Watches


  • Can track all your fitness activities
  • Gives you notification of all the social media apps
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Comes with scratchproof display
  • Enabled with a sedentary alert

MevoFit Drive Fitness band will track all your steps, calories burnt, and other physical activities. It has a sleep tracker to keep a track record of your sleep time. With the anti-lost feature, you can locate your phone, if missing.

You can sync your smart band with the MevoFit app to get your fitness regimen. As per the given instruction, you need to charge this smart band at least 15-minutes to make it run smoothly. After receiving a full charge, it can run up to 5-7days continuously.

It is lightweight and comes with an OLED display screen. It is scratch-resistant and comes with swipe enabled touch screen facility. You can also receive all the social media apps notifications in your wristband.

Being water and dustproof, it can withstand water splashes and dust. Even it will give you an alert if you are sitting for a long time. With having all these features, it can be the best smart band under 1000.

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4.Muzili Smart Fitness Band IPX7 Waterproof Fitness


  • Comes with a physical activity tracker
  • Enabled with a sleep monitoring feature
  • Notifies calls or SMS
  • Featured with anti-lost functionality
  • Waterproof

Muzili Smart Fitness Band is my next choice in the fitness band under 1000. You can track your whole day’s workouts with this all-in-one touch-enabled wrist band. Not only that, but it can also track your sleep duration and quality. It can wake you up from your pleasant sleep with a sweet, alarming tone.

It is lightweight and available in various colors with a sleek design. You can choose from multiple color options to make your day colourful. It comes with an adjustable band to fit correctly with your wrist.

IP67 waterproof feature allows you to wash your hands or do all the outdoor activities in the rain wearing this band. Once it gets fully charged, it can run up to 7-days in standby mode. It can give you notifications of all the social media apps along with phone calls or SMS.

5.SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker, Bluetooth


  • Waterproof
  • Designed with USB port
  • Enabled with heart rate sensor
  • Square-shaped display
  • GPS tracker is present

SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker can be a faithful companion for the fitness tracker. It is waterproof, comes with a heart rate sensor, and can connect using Bluetooth.

This best smart fitness band under 1000 can monitor your sleep duration and quality to enhance and make your life energized. It has an LED indicator. To your utter surprise, you can even receive calls with this fitness band.

Though it is waterproof, it does not allow swimming or diving. With the 0.96-inch display, you can see all the texts in the direct sunlight. The bracelet band is skin-friendly to ensure comfortable wearing.

6.HUG PUPPY Activity Tracker, Bluetooth – Black


  • Tracks blood pressure
  • Enabled with sleep tracker
  • Comes with a remote control facility
  • Receives social media notifications
  • Waterproof

Last in my list of fitness bands under 1000 is HUG PUPPY Activity Tracker. It has an OLED display to track the all-day activity of yours to keep yourself energized and fit.

You can wear this waterproof band while swimming or doing outdoor activities in the rain. It can give you all the notification of phone calls, SMS, or social media apps.

The sleep tracker will monitor your sleeping duration automatically, and a pleasant alarm will wake you up in the morning for your workouts. The rectangular display makes it look more elegant. You can install an app from the play store to set the date and time.


These are the list of the best fitness band under 1000. All of these bands come with various fitness features to help the fitness freak. Choose anyone from this list and let us know your valuable reviews.

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