boat storm vs boat xtend which is better Smartwatch 2024

boat storm vs boat xtend

boat storm vs boat xtend -A smartwatch can help you track your health or maximize your productivity. The boat is one of the most popular manufacturers of smartwatches. They offer a wide variety.

The boat is a smartwatch that can be used as a wristwatch or a budget watch. Boat Storm vs. Boat Xtend: These are the most popular watches. These watches are identical in specifications and price. Let’s see how oat Storm compares to Boat Xtend to help you decide which look is the best.

Difference Between boat storm vs boat xtend Smartwatch

Voice Assistant

The Xtend has Alexa, voice assistance that works. The storm has no voice assistant. This is a severe flaw. Alexa’s voice assistant will let you set reminders, alarms, etc., in Xtend.

Battery life:

The Boat Storm provides a more reliable backup battery, despite being smaller in size. It provides backup for up 8-10 days. The Xtend is a backup that lasts 7 to 10 business days.

Calls and Messages

Both smartwatches are capable of sending and receiving notifications. But the Boat Xtend can also receive calls. And you don’t need to reach for your phone to make a call. Xtend is the winner in the call comparison Boat Storm Vs Boat Xtend.

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These smartwatches, boat watch, storm smartwatch, and smartwatch extend, have Bluetooth control. Each smartwatch has the same 7-8-meter connectivity area. This ensures that you get a seamless connectivity experience.

Let’s talk about the Bluetooth version. So, the boat watchxtend had the 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity while the boat storm smartwatch had the 4.2 Bluetooth version.

Although performance is not a problem, it consumes slightly more battery than other boats’ watches.

This watch was compatible with both android and iPhone. The dedicated application that allows you to control the entire boat was created and is available in all major app stores.

Sports activities

This boat watch extends vs. boat storm smartwatch is smartwatches that can track your sports activities. In boat watchxtend, you’ll find 14 sports modes: pool swimming and indoor running, skipping and rowing, skiing, and rowing.

The boat storm smartwatch has nine sports modes: walking, running (walking, climbing, yoga), running, weight training, skipping, and biking.

You can choose the boat watchxtend or the boat storm smartwatch if fitness is your thing.

Health information.

This watch and the watch were both equipped with health monitoring functions. Let’s talk about the boat watch.

You will get a boat storm smartwatch with a few more features, including sleep, spo2, blood pressure, and menstrual cycle tracking. You can purchase this watch to monitor your health report in-depth.

Guarantee and waterproof

The same manufacturer made the smartwatches, so you get a year warranty on both the boat storm and the boat to extend.

Let’s discuss the waterproofing. The smartwatch will be waterproofed at 5 meters.

Before you make any purchase, be sure that no smartwatch provides you with 100 precise data. In the event of a severe problem, consult your doctor.

Take a look at these faces.

Each smartwatch has a range of watch faces you can switch out frequently. The watch faces can all be changed. The Boat Storm includes 20 watch faces, whereas Xtend contains 50.

Storm watch faces suffer from one problem: They are cloud-based. You must update via OTA. In the Boat Storm vs. Boat Xtend comparison, the Boat Xtend wins. There are many watch faces to choose from.

Screen quality:

The Boat Xtend’s screen is much larger than the Boat Storm. It is immediately apparent that the Boat Xtend screen is larger than the Boat Storm. This smartwatch delivers the best sound quality.

The Boat Xtend has a 1.69-inch display, while the Boat Storm has a 1.3-inch screen. The Boat Xtend is more extensive, and you’ll be able to see more.

The second thing you will notice is the similar resolution of both watches. This is sufficient for most people. Both eyes come with an HD display. Boat Storm’s LCD is slightly darker than Boat Xtend. It is comparing the Boat Storm Vs. Boat Xtend display, it becomes clear that Boat Xtend has a better, more prominent display.

Comparison The boat extension smartwatch than the boat storm

There is no correct answer as to which smartwatch is superior- the boat storm or the boat tends. Each watch has a multitude of functions and features. But, it may be your personal preferences that will determine the winner.

Boat extend is for sports and fishing enthusiasts. The boat storm is more for recreational boaters. Each watch offers various features, including live weather updates, weather forecasts, navigation, fishing tracking, and live weather reports.

 However, the boats may be better if you are interested in tracking your vessel’s location and activities. The most important thing is to decide what features are most important to you and which watch will best suit your needs.

 The boat extends, boat storm and the boat storm are both great choices if you want a premium smartwatch that offers many functions and features.


The smartwatch is essential. This article has a detailed comparison of Boat Storm and Boat Xtend. Here are some tips to help you choose the right boat extend smartwatch. For instance, people who enjoy being on the water can use the boat storm smartwatch.

 However, they may not be able to handle extreme weather conditions. The smartwatch boat extension is for people who want to keep in touch while on the open waters.

 Both watches have great features, which makes them excellent choices for boaters. It all depends on your personality and what you look for in the eye. Boat extend may be the best option if you want a smartwatch to purchase.

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