Best Smartwatch under 5000 Rs in India (March 2024)

Best Smartwatch Under 5000 In India

Best Smartwatch under 5000-In recent times, smartwatches have become a very demanding wearable. It has all the features to keep track of your physical health and daily activities. Moreover, you can receive phone calls, listen to music and do many other things with these smart devices.

Therefore, smartwatches can be a great pal for all tech-savvy persons. Earlier, very few companies used to manufacture these smart wearables. As a result, the price was also very high.

But nowadays, you can find endless options available for these smart devices in the market in an affordable price range. Finding one for you is a very tedious job. Therefore, I have curated some of India’s best smartwatches under 5000 range along with their detailed specifications.

Best Budget smartwatch in India under 5000

Those who are tight on a budget can go through this article to pick a smart buy.

1.Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch, 1.43″ HD, SpO2 & Stress Monitor

Amazfit Bip comes first in the list to be the best fitness smartwatch under 5000. It is a newbie on this list, but it has all the smart features of your favorite wear.


  • 1.43-inch color display
  • 98% accurate heart monitoring
  • It comes with 60+ sports modes
  • Water-resistant
  • Receives all smartphone notification

Product description

This smartwatch comes in three different colours, Black, Pink, and Green. The manufacturers use Silicon to make the straps skin-friendly. Therefore, you can comfortably wear these watches for a long time.

Even, you can get this smartwatch with having 1-year manufacturing warranty.


Amazfit Bip has a 1.43-inch square-shaped dial to make it look stylish. It also has a color display to view each of the fonts even in intense sunlight.

There is 2.5D gorilla tempering glass that is present to make the anti-fingerprint coated display entirely protected.


This smart band has a 200 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery. You need only 1.5 hours to get it fully charged. The Battery’s durability is relatively superior that can run the device for continuous 9-days with a single charge.


Compatibility with 10.0 OS and 5.0 Android devices is an exciting feature. The best budget smartwatch in India under 5000 has 60+ above sports modes available in this price range.

This waterproof watch has 50+ watch faces and two custom widgets. Moreover, you will receive all the notifications of your smartphone.

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2. Noise ColorFit Ultra Buzz Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 

Noise ColorFit Ultra is another best smartwatch under the 5000 price range. The manufacturers design this specifically for men and come with all the latest features to satisfy all fitness experts.


  • Swipe and touch-enabled display
  • It comes with an in-built GPS
  • 1.4-inch bright LCD screen
  • IP68 weatherproof
  • Featured with ten sports mode

Product Description

You can get this smart band in two variable colors, stealth Black and camo Green. The company uses Polycarbonate to make the body and Silicon to make the strap skin-friendly.

Moreover, it has a 40.8 gm weight along with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.


It comes with a 1.4-inch square-shaped dial to make it look classic. The oleophobic coated LCD screen is present to ensure proper protection.


It is going to be the only issue that you are going to face with this smartwatch. It only provides 4-days of continuous usage along with a 30-days standby mode.


It is perhaps the best 4g smartwatch under the 5000 price range to be compatible with OS 10.0 and Android 5.0 devices. It has ten sports mode that monitors your outdoor activities and indoor activities to make you active.

Moreover, this IP68 waterproof watch allows you to wear it even in the swimming pool. Customize, and cloud base watch faces are the other notable feature.

Besides, it is there to give all the notifications from your smartphone. You can even receive phone calls using your smart bands.

3. Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch with GPS, 15-Day Battery, (Black)

Amazfit Bip S smartwatch is also available in this affordable price range. This fitness band has all the smart features to track all your indoor and outdoor activities.


  • 1.28-inch trans reflective display
  • It comes with an in-built GPS
  • Enabled with ten sports mode
  • The Battery can run up to 35 days for moderate usage
  • 5 ATM water-resistant

Product description

The manufacturers use premium quality plastic to make the watch. It not only makes the smart band durable but also lightweight. Silicon rubber-made straps have a spring mechanism to offer an easy replacement to the users.

It is 5 ATM water-resistant which allows you to wear it even when you are sweating.


This smartwatch has a 1.28-inch gorilla glass-protected trans reflective display. 176×176 pixel resolution makes the screen visible.


Amazfit Bip smartwatch comes with several watch faces. Therefore, you can select any one of them as per your preference. Enabled with ten various sports modes, it monitors all your outdoor activities.

It also records your daily activities, like- heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and many more. There is also an in-built GPS to accurately monitor the activities.


You can consider Amazfit Bip S to be the best smartwatch in India for under 5000. It takes only 2hr 30m to get ultimately charged. If you use it moderately, it can last up to 30-35 days.

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4. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Smart Watch (Mist Grey)

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 is another notable smart wear that can satisfactorily track your daily activities to keep you active and fit.


  • 1.3-inch color display
  • Made with Polycarbonate to ensure durability
  • Enabled with 9-sports modes
  • 100+ cloud-based watch faces
  • It comes with an in-built HR monitor

Product description

Noise Colorfit uses Polycarbonate to manufacture the watch to ensure strong durability. Even they use Silicon to make the straps skin-friendly. Moreover, it weighs only 36.3gm to give you a featherweight feel.

This smart band comes in 6 different colors along with various swappable straps. You can choose them to get match with your clothing. It also provides a 1-year manufacturing warranty to make you happy.


Noise Colorfit Pro 2 fitness band is available with 1.33-inch square-shaped display to give it a stylish touch. The Colour display helps you to view the texts even in intense sunlight.


210 mAh battery takes only 2 hours to get the device fully charged. The Battery has a fair life-span. A single charge can run the watch for up to 10-days, even after typical usage.


This smartwatch from Noise ColorFit is compatible with both 8.0 OS and 4.4 Android. It has nine sports modes to monitor your every single activity. It has IP68 weather-coating to allow you to wear it in heavy rain or swimming.

There are 100+ cloud-based watch faces available to choose from as per your mood. Also, it gives your smartphone notification and is the best smartwatch with a call function under 5000 that allows you to answer phone calls.

5.Cross beats Ace Smart Watch Men Women Fitness Tracker

Cross beats Ace smartwatch is another fitness guide. It has designed to use both for men and women.


  • 1.3-inch LCD
  • It comes with eight sports mode
  • Made with carbon to ensure durability
  • Weatherproof
  • Can locate the phone, if missing

Product description

The company uses high-quality carbon material to make this watch durable and rigid. Cross beats Ace is waterproof. Therefore, you can wear it when you are enjoying the beach or pool water.


It has a 1.3-inch round-shaped dial to give it a traditional look. Therefore, it can be the best round smartwatch under 5000 range that comes with a touch sensor to allow you smooth and smart access.


It comes with an impressive battery backup that can last up to 15 days, allowing moderate usage.


It has 15 various sports modes to track your outdoor activity to keep you healthy. It also monitors your heart rate, pressure, sleeps timing to safeguard you. Women can also get their menstrual cycle alert from this smart band.

You not only get the notifications but also allows you to receive phone calls, view messages. It is perhaps the best smartwatch under 5000 rupees that can also help you locate your mobile phone if missing.

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6. Amazfit BIP Lite Smart Watch

Undoubtedly, you can call Amazefit BIP Lite the best smartwatch under 5000 with the latest features and a fantastic battery.


  • The Battery can last up to 45 days
  • Waterproof
  • Tracks both indoor and outdoor activities
  • 1.28-inches color display
  • Monitors heart rate 24×7

Product description

Amazfit itself is a leading brand that comes with a sturdy built quality. Therefore, both the controlling buttons and the strap is very rigid. Moreover, the manufacturers design the display to be scratch-proof.

This fitness band is waterproof and can run smoothly up to 30m depth. Most importantly, like the Apple watch, it also looks very stylish, and you will feel very comfortable wearing it.


You will notice a 1.28-inches touch-enabled color display, protected with anti-fingerprint coated Gorilla glass.


It has a premium quality battery that can last up to 45 days without having a single charge.


Amazfit BIP Lite smartwatch can monitor your heart rate 24×7. Therefore, you can consider this to be the best fitness watch under the 5000 range. Besides, it will update you on all your outdoor activities also.

7. Urban Armor Gear UAG Watch Band for Apple Watch

Urban Armor Gear UAG watch band is another stylish example that is available in the market. It is mostly applicable to Apple watches.


  • Stainless-steel made hardware
  • Compatible with Apple devices
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • It comes to fit most of the wrists
  • Ideal for outdoor activity

Product description

The manufacturers use Italian leather to make the band durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the stainless-steel-made hardware is extra rigid and sturdy.


This band comes in a stylish design to suit your personality. Even the Italian leather made straps ensure adequate comfort. Therefore, you can wear them for an extended period.

Even the brackets are also very sturdy to withstand your regular wear and tear. It has many holes in it to be fitted with any size of your wrist.


This fitness band has come to be suitable for most Apple devices, especially from 1-5 series.

8. TAGG Verve Smartwatch || Waterproof || Full Touch

In the list of the best smartwatch under 5000 rupees, TAGG Verve smart band comes last. It has all the classy features to make it run like a computer.


  • 1.4-inch color display
  • IP68 waterproof
  • The battery lasts up to 10 days
  • Made with Zinc alloy
  • Enabled with multiple sports mode

Product description

The manufacturers use Zinc alloy to make the body sturdy and durable. It also has a 1.4-inch display to help you easily view all the details very clearly.


It has an excellent battery to run the watch smoothly. It can run up to 10 days without having a single charge.


This fitness band is IP68 waterproof. Therefore, you can use it while swimming or out in the rain. It also allows this band to withstand dust, dirt, rain, and all the uncomfortable weather.

Moreover, it has multiple watch faces. You can select them as per your style and clothing. Besides, it is possibly the best smartwatch with a calling function under 5000 that allows you to receive phone calls comfortably via your smartwatch.

It will also give all the notifications of any of your social networking sites. Most importantly, it comes with multiple sports modes to monitor your outdoor activities to keep yourself active and fit.

Wrap-up– Best Smartwatch Under 5000 INR

Here ends the list of the best smartwatches under 5000. All of them come with smart features to act as a wearable computer on your wrist. You can buy any one of them to make yourself active.

Please share your own experience with us in the comments section below.

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