Best note Counting Machines in India (March 2024)

Best Note Counting Machines In India

Best Note Counting Machine– In India, the electronic payment method has not become widely popular. Therefore, most businesses follow cash on plans. Whether you are a business person or a banker, you need to count a thick bunch of money with minute accuracy and speed.

To make this struggling job easy, you need a cash counting machine. The best cash counting machine will not only help you to count a large volume of money but also with fake currencies.

These machines come in both electronics and mechanic form. Moreover, there are endless options available in the market. They come from various brands with numerous quality features.

You may feel confused to choose an appropriate one. Therefore, I did a bit of research to find out the best cash counting machines in India. Please go through this article to find one as per your budget and needs.

There will also be a detailed buying guide at the end of this article. It will help you to make a smart purchase.

Available Best Cash Counting Machines

Best Note Counting Machines In India

1.ooze Note Counting /Currency Counting Machine

It comes with an auto-detective ultra-violet ray
Enabled with automatic sensor feature
Designed with an LED display
Counts 1000 notes at a batch
Attached with touch-enabled buttons

ooze Note Counting machine comes with all the quality features to secure the top position in this list. It is prevalent, and you can find this machine in most banks and business sectors.

Detects fake currency

The presence of both ultra-violet ray and the magnetic detection process helps this unit efficiently detect the fake currencies with accuracy.

Sensor detection

The sensor detection feature allows this machine to detect even the little notes and broken notes very quickly. After detection, this machine will stop automatically and gives you an alarm of detecting defective currency.


There are multiple touch-enabled buttons present in this cash counting unit, including- start, stop, reset. It comes with an LED display to notify the total number of notes count and sensor detection warning.


It is the best cash counting machine in India to count 1000 notes within a few seconds. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable both for banks and business sectors.


  • Fast and accurate counting
  • Excellent packaging
  • Price worthy
  • Very easy to use


  • Little bigger and heavier
  • Does not have the option to make it slow

2.SToK ST-MC01 Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

Can count up to 1000 notes in a minute
It comes with several controlling buttons
Featured with UV ray and MG process
Enabled with auto sensor feature
Detects old and new currencies

SToK ST-MC01 note counting machine is another decent device that a business person cannot deny. Therefore, it takes an honourable position in the list of the best cash counting machine.


It works perfectly with the Indian currencies. Though, it also supports some of the foreign money, like- USD and Euro. It has a detection feature to detect old and new coins.


It comes with an extensive and fast counting capacity to match with business sectors. It has 300 notes ability along with a 200 notes stack. Moreover, this cash counting machine can count up to 1000 notes in a minute  with minute accuracy and speed.

Sensor detection

It features a sensor detector to point out the fake notes and the broken notes. After detection, it will give you a beep sound.


There are various buttons present in this unit to control the features, including- Start, Stop, Reset, Batch, UV, Magnetic and others. The manufacturer’s design this cash counting unit very strong and healthy- built than the other ones. Even the interior part of this unit is very simply designed. It helps you to clean this part quickly.


  • Great build quality
  • Speedy delivery
  • Price worthy
  • Easy to set-up


  • Fast working
  • Notes may stick inside

3.Godrej Crusader Lite Currency Counting Machine

Enabled with fake note detection
Designed with a prominent display
Featured with UV and sensor detection
Counts 1000 notes in a minute
Attached with several controlling buttons

Godrej itself is a leading brand to manufacture various products in different niches for ages. Lite Currency Counting Machine is among the best among the other industrial products available in the market.

Sensor detection

It features auto sensor detection along with ultraviolet and magnetic sensor to identify the fake currency. If it detects any, it will give you an indicating buzzer to notify the user.


The manufacturers use premium quality materials to make it strong and long-lasting. Mainly the banks and financial organizations use this heavy-duty machine. There is a big screen to display the number of counted bills and the amount.


Several user-friendly buttons present in this unit to control various features, like- start, stop, reset, UV, magnetic sensor and others.


It can count 300 notes of any denomination with efficacy and accuracy. This unit is capable of measuring 1000 notes in a minute. Moreover, this best cash counting machine can detect even the broken notes and half notes to help you to prevent loss.


  • Great build quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Sensor detection feature is accurate
  • Speedy delivery


  • It does not come with the return policy

4.GOBBLER PX5388 Business-Grade Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection

Counts both the number of notes and the denomination
Enabled with fake note detection
It comes with a bright LCD
Can count 1000 words in a minute
Suitable for high-grade business industry

GOBBLER PX5388 is another best cash counting machine in India that has come to meet your business requirement.

Note counting feature

The note counting feature will help you know the total number of notes and the denomination. Therefore, it will help you in a high volume of currency checking.

Note detection feature

It comes with an ultra-violet, magnetic and infrared sensor to point out the fake notes. After detecting counterfeit notes, it will give you a notification with a buzzer.


The manufacturers make this counting machine sturdy to support the high-quality business. It also has a big LCD to show you the note counting number.


It is one of the other best cash counting machines that can count 1000 notes in a minute to help you in a large scale business industry.


  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Counts accurately
  • Big and bright LCD


  • Produces little sound
  • Bad packaging

5.Swaggers Money/Note/Cash/Currency counting machine with fake note detection

Counts all the denominations
Can count 1000 notes in a minute
Enabled with fake note detection
200 pc hopper capacity
Featured with UV and infrared sensor

swaggers money counting machine comes last in the list of the best cash counting machines. Though swaggers come fresh in the market but have all the features to steal your heart.

Supports all currency

This cash counting machine from swaggers can count all types of currencies, starting from 10 INR to 2000 INR. Moreover, it can measure both the old and new notes.


Though swaggers are a new brand, it has an excellent cash counting speed. It is the best cash counting machine that can count up to 1000 notes in a minute.

Auto sensor

This unit has UV, magnet and infrared sensor that will help you to point out the fake notes. As soon as it detects a phoney note, the machine will stop automatically, along with an alarming red display.


You will find numerous buttons present in this counting unit to control the features, like- Batch, Add, and Clear Features.


  • Excellent performance
  • Value for money
  • Sends alarming sound
  • User-friendly


  • Little high speed
  • Notes may stick inside the unit

Buying guides:

These are the factors that you should consider before purchasing the best cash counting machines-

Speed: Speed is an essential factor to consider in a cash counting machine. It will help you to finish the currency counting very fast. Usually, mid-range counting machines can count 900-1500 notes in a minute.

On the other hand, an industrial purpose machine can count above 1500 notes per minute. Therefore, you should use the devices that come with less than 900 notes depending on capacity.

Note detection: What will you do if you find counterfeit notes in a bundle of notes? Machines with note detection feature come with UV, magnet and infrared sensor to recognize the fake notes.

Moreover, you will receive an alarm immediately after detection.

Hopper: We place notes in the hoppers to check. Therefore, you should choose the machine with a bigger hopper size. Though, the size of the hopper may vary with the cash counting speed.

Accuracy: Accuracy is an essential factor in cash counting. Nobody wants to have counterfeit notes. Therefore, you must choose the machine with precision and fake detection feature to avoid this scenario.


Humans can often make mistakes to count a bundle of notes. Therefore, a note counting machine will help you get the job done very fast and accurately.

Moreover, some of the best cash counting machines come with features to detect fake notes and torn notes. All the devices mentioned above come with quality features to see counterfeit notes.

If you do not have much time to go through the specifications, you can choose any of the above products without a doubt. So, pick anyone to save your valuable time.

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