5 Best Watches Under 10000 in India (March 2024): Review & Top Picks

Best Watches Under 10000

It doesn’t matter how expensive clothes you wear; if you don’t add a classic watch, your fashion score will be lower. A watch can describe your personality as well as your fashion sense.

Although these days the trend of wearing smartwatches has increased a lot, lots of people still want to wear traditional watches. But the problem comes when choosing the perfect one. People are getting confused about which is best as there are numerous options on the market. To help you choose the right watch for you, we researched thoroughly at Amazon, checked the reviews of customers and ratings, and even went to Quora and Reddit. Since we’ve narrowed down our total budget, options, and sizes, in the end, it wouldn’t take long to make a clear decision. 

If you read this post, I guarantee you will be able to make a clear decision about which is the absolute best watch in India under Rs. 10,000.

Our Top 5 Best Watches Under 10000

Compare Top watches

Product nameBand materialWater resistanceCountry of originDisplay typeAmazon reviews and ratings
Fossil Grant ChronographLeather50 metersUSAChronograph2,391 global ratings and 499 reviews
Casio Enticer AnalogStainless Steel50 metersJapanAnalog3,823 global ratings and 1,604 reviews
Casio G-Shock Digital BlacResin200 metersJapanDigital4,257 global ratingsAnd 1,402 reviews
Tommy Hilfiger Analog BlueSilicone50 metersNetherlandsAnalog269 global ratings and 77 reviews
Fossil Nate Chronograph GreyStainless Steel50 metersUSAChronograph2,480 global ratings and 563 reviews

Quick pick section

If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to read this whole article then you can buy these watches.

Best Metal strap watch

Fossil Nate Chronograph Grey Dial Men’s Watch

  • Only 249 grams weight
  • 44 Millimeters Case Diameter
  • Stainless Steel case material
  • Analog display
  • Round case shape

Best Digital Watch

Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch

  • Only 249 grams weight
  • 44 Millimeters Case Diameter
  • Stainless Steel case material
  • Analog display
  • Round case shape

Detailed review

Before starting the detailed review, I want to inform you that I have not ranked the watches listed below by number. Select the watch according to your needs. Although I will tell you later which watch I liked the most and which one is the best according to my opinion on this list.

1. Fossil Grant Chronograph Blue Dial Men’s Watch-Best Chronograph watch

Key features

  • Only 249 grams weight
  • 44 Millimeters Case Diameter
  • Stainless Steel case material
  • Analog display
  • Round case shape
  • 50-meter water resistance


Weighing only 249 grammes this brand new Fossil watch is the best watch for most people. The watch comes in a brown band and blue dial colour options. We all know leather band material always looks classy, so thanks to Fossil for providing leather bands. The watch’s stainless steel bezel makes it super durable for everyday use. Plus, it’s three-hand quartz; with this technology, you can set the current date, current week, and current month, too. Having a brown and blue versatile combination You can wear this watch with all the clothes and accessories you have in your almirah.

The company did not mention which ATMs it supports—whether it supports 3, 4, or 10 ATMs. So if you’re considering it for swimming or bathing, you have to know it.

but they claim it has a 50-metre water resistance depth. And it isn’t enough for bathing or swimming.

One thing I should add here is that the display was scratched during my test; I don’t know if only my unit has this problem or if all the units have it. 

Overall, it’s a good watch, and you can buy it without worrying more.


  • Classy look
  • Attractive colour combination
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Not too expensive


  • Some users are complaining about its battery
  • Poor display build

What Customers are saying

Those who have given positive reviews about this product said that it’s value for money, attractive colour, cool features, and gorgeous leather strap. On the other hand, those who didn’t like the product say the timepiece is not perfect and others say there is a return or replacement problem.

Amazon review score

2,391 global ratings and 499 reviews

Final thought

Fossil Grant Chronograph Blue Dial Men’s Watch – best overall watch

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2. Casio Enticer Analog Dial Watch: best Analog watch

Key features

  • Stainless Steel band material
  • 35 Millimeters case diameter
  • 10 Millimeters case thickness
  • Analog display
  • Quartz watch movement
  • 50 meters of water resistance


If you’re looking for the best a best Analog watch under 10000 this Casio Enticer Analog Dial Watch is for you. I didn’t find a better analog watch on this budget than this one. Starting with its design and build quality, this is one of the most used this watch because everyone who has bought it from Amazon has highlighted its premium build quality.

So if we look at the actual build quality, we will see that the company has given a stainless steel band, a mineral glass build that will protect from scratches, triple fold clasp that helps from opening and falling. Although its design is not very fancy or out of the box but still has a fantastic face, you can wear it to any formal, semi-formal and casual occasion with any outfit. This watch comes in some different colours, like silver, blue, white, rose gold etc.

Since we’re buying under 10000 which is quite high as per the Indian market, you have to make sure that the watches will get a maximum 2-year warranty. Here is the good news: this watch also gets a 2-year warranty as well as all the products on our list get two years warranty in this blog post. Overall it’s a great product and Highly recommended by us.


  • Well finished
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flagship build quality
  • Casio’s brand value


  • Light bit heavy
  • Not waterproof
  • Steel strap isn’t up to the mark

What Customers are saying

Satisfied customers said that they got the same product they saw on Amazon. Many also said that it wasn’t too heavy and the look was very classy. Others say they are using it all day without having any problems.
Dissatisfied customers said that the watch was a bit loose when they were wearing it. Some people say they aren’t finding how to set the alarm. However, the brand has listed it to its specifications.

Amazon review score

3,823 global ratings and 1,604 reviews

Final thought

Casio Enticer Analog Dial Watch – best for formal use.

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3. Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch: Best digital watch

Key features

  • 55 Millimetres case Diameter
  • Resin Band Material Type
  • Round Case Shape
  • Mineral Glass Material
  • Digital Watch Display
  • 200 meters Water Resistance Depth


With a classic black colour and a round case shape, this Casio G-Shock Digital is the best digital watch under 10000 in India.

Everyone gets bored wearing an analog or chronograph watch; if you want to stand out from other people, you can buy a digital watch. Who doesn’t want to look different?

Its dial glass comes with a mineral glass material that’s durable enough because most of my watches have this material and none of them have broken yet. The case is made of fully resin material, which is the only reason why it’s very comfortable to wear and you won’t feel any irritation. LED backlights and other lights will help you at night, although they are not bright enough in daylight.

If you are a traveller, then this watch will impress you once again. It has a unique multiple display show option that can show you the schedule of different cities. This digital watch has a big dial that attracts youths, a one-time alarm system, and so on that aren’t possible to describe in this short review. 

With a 200-metre water resistance, this timepiece can be used in light rain. Some of the Amazon buyers said the alarm and stopwatch sounds are quite loud. Last but not least, this is a sports watch that you can wear casually rather than formally.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • Nice fitting
  • Best battery life
  • Led light


  • Not suitable for smaller wrist
  • Bigger dial
  • Low display brightness

What Customers are saying

Those who were happy with this digital watch said they have been using it for two, three, or even five years and still, there is no problem. Others said it was value for money.
However, others who were not happy with this watch said it wasn’t good for small hands. Others said poor led lighting and complex system settings.

Amazon review score

4,257 global ratingsAnd 1,402 reviews

Final thought

Casio G-Shock Digital Black – best sports watch or best for athletics.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Analog Blue Dial Men’s: Best luxury watch

Key features

  • Silicone Band Material
  • Quartz types Watch Movement
  • 42 Millimetres Case Diameter
  • YBlue Band Colour
  • Metal Case Material
  • 50 meters Water Resistance Depth


There is no doubt that Tommy Hilfiger is a premium brand across the whole world. If you want a premium watch as well as a premium brand, then this Tommy Hilfiger Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-TH1791474 is for you.

Despite being expensive, it offers many features that you will love. This timepiece is considered a classic by many people who saw it and bought it. It comes with a silicone band and a metal case, which makes it more durable than others in this budget. The brand claims it can tolerate only 50 metres of water resistance, so it’s clear you can’t use it while bathing or swimming.

It has a 42-millimetre small case diameter, and being my wrist is small, I liked this one. Furthermore, with only 42 millimetres in diameter, it’s easy to carry and light in weight.

It’s equipped with a quartz movement, which is known for its accuracy.

Overall, it is a good stylish and fashionable timepiece in this price range that can easily be worn casually, semi-formally, or formally.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Premium build quality
  • Premium brand value
  • Attractive look


  • Light bit higher price
  • Not suitable for a large wrist
  • Strap material isn’t suitable for normal skin

What Customers are saying

Positively, customers who reviewed it said they got the exact same product they ordered and didn’t face any issues. Others said they only bought it for Tommy Hilfiger; they bought it to give someone as a gift.
On the other hand, Unsatisfied customers who rated it one star had various complaints about this watch; most of the unsatisfied customers said that it was overpriced and had a warranty issue.

Amazon review score

269 global ratings and 77 reviews

Final thought

Tommy Hilfiger Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-TH1791474 -Is best for sustainability.

5. Fossil Nate Chronograph Grey Dial Men’s Watch-:Best Metal strap watch

Key features

  • 50 Millimetres Case Diameter
  • Grey Dial Color
  • Round Case Shape
  • Chronograph display
  • Stainless Steel Case Material
  • 50 meters water resistance depth


Not everyone can buy multiple premium watches that will only be for casual wear, semi-formal wear, or formal wear. This is why they want a product that can be worn for all occasions. If you count yourself among the segment where people just want to buy a watch, Then this brand-new watch is for you. This stylish timepiece is slightly larger, so you have to have a long wrist. If not, pick another one.

It has numerous useful features that make it a solid value for money.

The total case diameter is 50 millimetres, and it has a stainless steel band material that protects it from major breakage. With a 50-metre water resistance depth, it can tolerate rain. This watch offers accurate time and date, but how does it deliver them? Well, for that, it has quartz technology that helps to show accurate time.

One thing I ought to mention here is that it’s quite heavy because it has a large dial, which is quite large for my wrist. Overall, if you want more compliments, you can buy this excellent product. When I first wore this watch, most people gave me compliments for wearing it.


  • Premium build quality
  • Extraordinary look


  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for small wrist

What Customers are saying?

Those who liked this product said it has flagship build quality. Others say it has a beautiful design and colour. But those who didn’t like it said it was heavy, there was bad customer service, and some complained about its battery.

Amazon review score

2,480 global ratings and 563 reviews

Final thought

Fossil Nate Chronograph Grey Dial Men’s Watch – JR1437 – is best for versatile.

How to choose the Best watch

Best Watches Under 10000

So, you’ve known that a watch can enhance your style as well as your personality. But now the question is: how do I choose the best watch? Should I check its strap, display glass, battery, and water resistance? To be honest, a normal, non-techy guy will never understand its technical terms. So here are my best practical tips and tricks about it:

Set up your budget

Before buying anything, it could be a laptop, a TV, a smartphone, or obviously a premium watch. You’ll definitely have to know how much you can afford because there are tonnes of products in different price ranges. 

Check the material of the watch 

There are mostly four types of watch materials on the market, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

 If you go to buy a mid-range watch, obviously you will get a stainless steel or metal case. Stainless is more durable than metal, but it is slightly heavier than metal. Then, if you can expand your budget, you’ll find more premium types of materials like ceramic, which are known for being durable and scratch-resistant.

 After that, titanium is three times more durable than steel. Last but not least, that is gold.

Movement of the watch 

Quartz movement

You’ll find this technology in a mid-priced or budget-friendly watch. 

Mechanical movements

When you expand your budget slowly, you’re gonna find mechanical movements in watches.

Basically, this kind of technology is used for premium watches and I don’t want to confuse you by telling you how it works.

Automatic movement

Basically, this technology is similar to mechanical movement. The world’s most expensive brands, like Rolex and Philippe, use this technology in their watches.

Different types of watches

I personally used nine types of watches. And of course, it depends on which style of watch you like more. Here are some good types of watches:

  • Racing watches
  • Digital watches
  • Pocket watches
  • Pilot and aviator watches
  • Tactical watches
  • Field watches
  • Dress watches
  • Dive watches
  • Smartwatches

Water resistance 

Best Watches Under 10000

It doesn’t matter how expensive your watch is if it doesn’t have more water resistance depth. You won’t be able to protect it from water. So there has an

abbreviation that’s called ATM. You have to know it, the more ATM will have in your watch you’ll go deeper into the water.

Bracelets or straps 

The straps can change your watch’s look from 0-1000. However, you can change your watch’s strap according to your outfit. Choosing the best straps is a personal choice.

So before buying a watch, you should know how many types of straps there are and what the differences are between those straps.

Leather straps

This is the most popular strap on the market, and people love wearing it. It’s long-lasting, durable, comfortable, and good-looking.

Rubber straps

Mostly, this is used in affordable watches.

It’s durable, long-lasting, and comfortable as well.

Bund straps

This type of strap came from Germany.

Since then, it’s been popular and offers retro looks. It’s also quite durable.


Normally, metal straps are known as bracelets. You can make your bracelets using gold, titanium, steel, and so on. If you wear only metal, then I’m telling you that metal is durable enough, and the Rolex brand uses it frequently.

Most frequently asked questions about the best watches under 10000 in India

Can I wear a leather strap watch in water?

The answer is no.  Because water can damage it quickly, and as a result, it will fade. So it should not be used while swimming or bathing.

What is the best watch brand on the market?

There isn’t available any specific brand but most people say Rolex and Patek Philippe is the best.

What are the three types of watch movement?

1. mechanical watch movements
2. automatic watch movements
3. quartz watch movements

Can I wear a smartwatch for 24 hours?

Yes, you can wear any smartwatch all day but you have to keep your hands away from your head.

What is the most expensive watch ever sold?

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 is one of the most expensive watches in the world; it was auctioned for around $31.2 million.

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