Top 5 Best Torchlight Brands In India: Experts Choice (March 2024)

Best Torchlight Brands In India

Best Torchlight Brands In India-India has overtaken China to become the world’s most populous country. Therefore, there are lots of foreign and Indian flashlight companies who want to capture this Indian market. But most of the brands are fooling people.

 They make the same torchlight, only changing the model name. Most of the brands make budget products; those are very cheap and of low quality, which is why those torchlights break down quickly.

 But torchlight is an essential daily-use component that we use daily and must have. For this reason, it’s crucial to buy the best-branded flashlight that has enough brand value and good customer service, too.

People are confused as there are many companies in the market. So I researched a lot and collected a few brands that are doing well. I’ve been using and have had those brands of flashlights for a while also. In this article, i will be showing you the best torchlight brand in India as per my personal use and internet research.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the best rechargeable torch light brand, a battery torchlight, or a long-distance torch. You will know everything from this comprehensive post

Top 5  best brands for Flashlight

  • Wipro
  • Philips
  • Fenix
  • Onlight

Comparison table of the Best Torchlight Brands In India

    BrandEstablished date Total employeesCountry of originBest torchlightTotal valuation
    1.wipro19452,31,671IndiaCheck it out $24.64 Billion
   2.Philips189174,451IndonesiaCheck it out $16.36 B
   3.Fenix20042,439ChinaCheck it out $1.10 Billion
   4.SYSKA2012Estimated over 1,000IndiaCheck it out $67-$93.9 million
  5.onlight2007Estimated over 5,000ChinaCheck it out Estimated $2 billion

Here are the 5 Best Flashlight Companies In India

1. Wipro


Mohamed Premji founded the multinational company Wipro in 1949. Wipro’s headquarters are located in India’s Bengaluru City. They have been constantly working for almost 74 years. They not only sell flashlights; they are a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process company. 

Actual product 

They sell various types of torchlight, such as those for household use, outdoor use, industrial use, and so on. There are some people who buy Wipro Torch Light without even knowing the features. However, to be frankly honest, don’t buy any product or something just because it has a big brand name, because I got fooled many times this way. Sometimes big brands also make third-class quality products for their tremendous profit.

In general, their products are quite good,

including durability, high performance, etc.

The company uses advanced and High-quality components, and modern technology to make high-quality products. They made some famous flashlights, which are still selling now in the Indian market and globally, as well.

They are also known as the best rechargeable torchlight brand in India.

After-sale service and buyers’ thoughts

If you buy Wipro’s product it could be anything they sell it’s guaranteed you’ll get a solid after-sell service. They have a dedicated customer support team those are available 24/7 for solving the customer’s problem including product-related, business and services.  Overall, Wipro is the best torchlight brand on our list. You can buy their products.


  • They are known most reputed brand in India.
  • They make affordable products, too.
  • They offer good after-sale service.
  • Their products are durable and have good performance.


  • Some products have battery-related problems.
  • They have many heavy-weight and large-size flashlights.

Bottom line

Wipro- Best torchlight brand for long distance

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2. Philips


Phillips is a Dutch company that was founded in 1891. When it was founded, it manufactured only incandescent light bulbs but now it is the world’s most-selling lighting bulb company. They export and sell their products to more than 100 countries. 

Phillips came to India in 1930, and since then they’ve been constantly working in this country, where they are also a leading brand. 

Every company can increase their revenue by pursuing RND (research and development), and hence the brand focused on RND in 1950. Right now, Phillips has over 80,000 employees across the world.

Actual product

Whether you’re looking for professional or personal use torchlights, Phillips will definitely fulfil your needs. Phillips sells many electric gadgets, and they are successful in each of their categories, but they are also well known in the flashlight market. 

They sell different types of torchlights in different sizes, models, weights, and brightnesses, such as rechargeable and UV torchlights, etc. Every bulb company sells an LED flashlight, but Phillips’ LED torchlight is the best among them. They use the latest technology, and they pour millions of dollars into their RND.

After-sale service and buyers’ thoughts

Even though it’s not an Indian company, people still trust Phillips, and I agree with them because I myself have had a Philips torchlight, which is working fine. Phillips has a total of 275 service centres around India, and their services are very good. They have a dedicated customer service team, and they answer all the questions about Phillips. If your product is under warranty, you’ll definitely get quality service. 


  • High-quality torchlight.
  • User-friendly products.
  • Use Morden technology.
  • Available service centre.


  • A bit expensive

Bottom line

Phillips- Best led torch light brand

3. Fenix


 Fenix was founded in China in 2004. Within a few years, Fenix became the best-selling and leading LED torchlight brand. For their best work, they were awarded some honourable prizes, including “if design,” “red dot,” and so on. Since they started their company, their main motive has been quality, not quantity.

Actual product

If you like more varieties, fancy designs, and killer torchlights, then this brand is for you. But being a Chinese brand, some people might ignore it. Their products are available online and offline, and they are quite popular in every category. They offer multiple types of products in different price categories. 

Everyone knows China has modern technology and a creative mind so Fenix uses its technology to make its products user-friendly. This brand’s torchlight brightness wouldn’t disappoint you because I checked on Amazon and found most of the users are satisfied with their brightness, durability, and battery life. I will highly recommend you buy this brand’s torchlight.

After-sale service and buyers’ thoughts

Every successful brand has many service centres across the world, and Phenix has too. Being a Chinese brand, you will also get decent service from this brand. Personally, I never used a Phenix torchlight, but my friend used their product, and I collected this data from him and the internet as well. The brand has a customer service team, and they are available anytime.


  • Make Modern products
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Chinese brand
  • Durability is not up to the mark


Fenix – Best battery torchlight brand



Syska is another Indian company on our list. Some Indian brands make unique products that are available around the globe. However, Syskas’s flashlight is only available in India, Bangladesh, Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Africa. Rajesh Uttamchandani and Govind Uttamchandani built this company in 1989. Syska sold UPS and voltage stabilizers at their initial stage. Then gradually, they started focusing on other categories, including torchlight.

Actual product

Syska is a popular torchlight brand in India, but they aren’t only known for selling torchlights; they sell multiple types of products. Their products are good for better build quality, glossy design, decent brightness, etc. One thing I gotta mention here is that when I was reading the Amazon review score, I found people were very happy with its long-lasting battery. Syska provides a unique feature that is an inbuilt power bank torchlight, but the fun fact is you can charge your smartphone and other devices also. I liked those features. You can buy different types of torchlights, which you can use in different environments like darkness, long distances, and so on.

After-sale service and buyers’ thoughts

The brand has a total of 654 service centres across India. They offer a variety of services for their multiple products, including flashlights. You can call them at their customer care number, and they’ll definitely answer you quickly. If you want to buy their torchlight or any electronic gadgets, you can go to their offline store if it is available around your location.


  • Available service center
  • Indian company
  • In-built power bank


  • Heavyweight
  • Not available extra feature

Bottom line

Syska – The best durable torchlight brand

5. Olight


Olight is a Chinese brand that was founded in 2007. From 2007 to 2023, they achieved a lot of success and won an honourable prize. Olight is known for its unique concept, but they are also popular in some categories, which are design, build quality, brightness, and advanced technology. They first launched their LED flashlight in 2006, and it was successful. But in India, they have a tremendous market share. People love their products.

Actual product

Olight invests more time and money to create new innovations that no one has introduced. They are the first company to introduce a magnetic charging system. With that technology, torchlights can be charged quickly without overwhelming cables, magnetic tail caps, and so on. They make durable products that wouldn’t break down quickly. People made Onlight the best torchlight brand for its unique innovations.

After-sale service and buyers’ thoughts

Onlight offers people 5 year of service warranty for their torchlight which is huge.  They have too many service centres in India, and most of people buy their flashlights online instead of offline. 

However, Their after-sale service isn’t as good as the previous one, which I mentioned earlier in this article.


  • Provides more features more features
  • Create new invocation
  • User-friendly product


  • Chinese brand
  • Selected service center

Bottom line

Onlight – Best innovative torchlight brand


So you have gotten a comprehensive list of the best torchlight brands in India, and as I discussed before, I personally use torchlights and other electronic gadgets from these brands. 

But I’ll highly recommend you buy from Phillips, who makes awesome torches and other electronic gadgets as well. Although I said before, Don’t buy anything just by looking at a company name. But still, I’d say if you buy from any reputed brand, you will get guaranteed service for a long time.

Frequently asked questions about the best Torchlight Brands

What brand of torch do police use?

In India, police use the Thrunite catapult mini led rechargeable flashlight, 598 Meters torchlight.

What is the best torch material?

There are too many durable materials, but according to my research, kelver is a durable material for torchlights, and most popular brands use it.

Which torch is used by Indian Army?

Most of the military uses Nitecore TM20k

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