Best Running Shoes Under 1000 in India (March 2024)

Best Running Shoes Under 1000

Best Running Shoes Under 1000-I’m sure we’d all want to be healthy and fit. However, given the amount of time we spend at work, we cannot devote any time to the gym. Going for short 20 to 30-minute morning and evening runs becomes a fantastic method to remain in shape since all you need is a good pair of running shoes for such runs.

However, getting your hands on quality running shoes should not need you to spend a lot, as is often the case with A-grade brands such as Nike and Adidas. Here are the finest running shoes under Rs 1000 that will offer you the most bang for your buck to assist you to obtain the best goods at the most reasonable price.

Best Running Shoes Under 1000 Rupees For Men in India

So, here is a list of the best ten branded sports shoes under $1,000. Choose according to your design and preferred material. We have listed from top to bottom after evaluating all of the various elements of shoes. For comprehensive details of any specific shoes, please visit Amazon. I hope you can discover the perfect shoes for your physique and personality.

1. Top Speed Xtreme by Reebok

  • Brand worth
  • Sports and jogging are part of my lifestyle.
  • The most lightweight running shoes
  • The item weighs 500 grammes.
  • There is a manufacturer’s warranty included.

Since 1895, Reebok has been a globally well-known and successful sports products company. It offers the finest quality running shoes with top-notch performance and retains its brand worth. It created high-quality shoe goods that drew customers in both domestic and foreign markets. That is why we have included this brand among the finest running shoes under 1000.


  • These shoes are primarily intended for elite performance in running or other competitive sports.
  • It is intended for both advanced and beginning athletes.
  • These running shoes provide the greatest ground for Beginner performance.
  • These shoes also aid in the preservation of runners’ natural foot form.
  • This running shoes are developed explicitly for fitness enthusiasts.
  • This item comes with a 15-day guarantee against manufacturing faults.
  • According to our experts, these are the finest running shoes for guys under 1,000.

2. Sparx SM-482 Trail Running Shoes

  • Indian regional brand
  • Flat heeled shoes
  • Round toe for a fashionable look
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
  • The item weighs 850 g.

Sparx has been a well-known and well-known Indian shoe brand in the Indian market since 1976. Sparx has a very high brand value in the Indian sports industry regarding fitness and health. Sparx produced every kind of shoe at a meager price, from casual shoes to running shoes, which is why we placed this shoe in this category of the best running shoes under 1000 for men.


  • Sparx’s latest release is a top-tier running shoe featuring a round-toe design.
  • It also includes a lace-up function that allows us to alter the tightness to our liking.
  • It is constructed of synthetic materials, making it more robust and dependable.
  • They are designed for individuals who run regularly.
  • Because of the additional traction provided, it feels extremely comfortable when walking on both wet and dry terrain.
  • Furthermore, the Sparx brand provides a 60-day product guarantee for any manufacturing faults.

3. ASIAN Men’s Bouncer-01

  • Use for a variety of activities such as gym, jogging, and so forth.
  • Designs that stand out
  • Lace-up style closure
  • Budget-friendly running sneakers
  • The item weighs 640 g.

If you’re tired of jogging around your local running track with your old running shoes, these shoes are the ideal choice for your new running adventure. These Asian shoes are ideal for everyday runners, and they are also the finest sports shoes under 1,000. This is another inexpensive and low-cost brand with excellent characteristics that we have mentioned below.


  • The shoe’s moisture-wicking top mesh keeps your feet cool and dry.
  • Its tough ethylene vinyl acetate outsole provides excellent flexibility and durability, allowing you to wear and run on any terrain.
  • The shoe’s collar relieves strain on the ankle.
  • The sturdy heel keeps your foot from sliding around within the shoe.
  • These men’s running shoes are professionally manufactured for track runners due to their reputation for excellence.

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4. Campus Men’s Royce-2

  • India’s most popular brand
  • Stunning appearance
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Various hues are available.
  • The item weighs 900 g.

Campus, as we all know, is one of the finest shoemakers in India nowadays. So, for novices and academic runners, the campus designed these shoes for long-distance running. Within the budget and low-cost category, the campus offers the finest quality running shoes for men in India. Nowadays, the campus is rapidly expanding in the Indian industry for their shoe goods because of its durability and trustworthiness among the young.


  • These fashionable shoeshave a mix of synthetic overlays and a breathable mesh top.
  • Its mid-foot band provides a pleasant running experience, while the complete rubber outsole guarantees excellent traction on the terrain.
  • You may anticipate a great degree of comfort, and his beautiful colour attracts everyone.
  • In addition, the campus offers a 30-day product guarantee in the event of a manufacturing fault.
  • Athletes that exercise daily like this brand of running shoes.

5. Airsock-12 By Asian

  • Running shoes with many functions
  • Product with a high rating
  • The closure is lace-up.
  • Different colours are availaible
  • The item weighs 630 g.

Another brand we’ll discuss today is the Indian brand Asian. It is yet another shoe company that produces high-quality footwear at an affordable price. From low-cost to high-end, it manufactures a wide range of shoes with cutting-edge designs well-liked by the public. Virender Sehwag, a cricketer, endorses this brand. They create shoes at a low cost so that everyone may afford to purchase them.

These centuries -12 shoes are designed specifically for long-distance running for both professional and novice runners. People who like jogging and playing football, basketball, and other sports may do so while wearing these finest brand sneakers.


  • The stylish Asian Men’s shoeshave a breathable mesh top and synthetic overlays.
  • It features an EVA midsole for additional comfort when running and an outer rubber outsole for excellent traction on the ground.
  • Furthermore, the material quality makes it more robust, allowing you to wear them for a year. They are also extremely light in weight.
  • You may anticipate various colour variations in the sneaker, and they are fashionable enough to wear with your casual clothing as well.
  • It provides foot cushioning comfort, which may help decrease foot discomfort when walking. You will not be experiencing any foot discomfort.
  • Furthermore, since the material is so soft and comfy, these shoes do not cause shoe bites on your feet.

6. Mikasa Military Joggers

  • Army fanatic brand
  • Sole made of rubber
  • Mesh is the material utilized.
  • Designed for long-term use
  • The item weighs 500 g

Mikasa provides a large selection of men’s and women’s running and casual shoes. They offer a wide range of shoes in many categories such as jogging, running, sports, etc. These running shoes are particularly appealing to fans of the Indian army since they resemble army running shoes, developed explicitly for army running enthusiasts on a tight budget.


  • These shoes are ideal for casual runners and day-to-day usage.
  • This shoe is available in a variety of canvas, leather, and mesh fabrics.
  • These shoes are ideal for long-distance travel and outdoor activities.
  • These shoes are low in weight and have a robust appearance.
  • These running shoes are simple to care for and long-lasting.
  • It was developed for peak performance in any sport.

7. Bourge Loire-Z1 Running Shoes

  • Running shoes are the product kind.
  • The shoe’s width is medium.
  • Lace-up style closure
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 90 days
  • The item weighs 550 g.

Bourge is well-known for providing excellent performance, durability, and comfort to athletes of all types in every event or competition. They are famous in Indian markets for their cheap and mid-priced budget sports running shoes. They are not as prominent as Reebok and Nike, but they provide stiff competition in the internet market for the finest running shoes, around 1000 Rs


  • This men’s shoe is lightweight, making it ideal for all-day work and activity.
  • This shoe brand has a non-skid sole that helps runners maintain a stronger grip.
  • Because of their soft shape cushioning, they provide more comfort in sports.
  • It has the same durability and athletic appearance as other branded sneakers.
  • Affordable, fashionable, and the finest running shoes under 1000 for your active lifestyle regularly.

8. Lotto String Black Running Shoes for Men

  • Sole made of synthetic
  • Lace-up style closure
  • Sports and casual lifestyle
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 90 days
  • The item weighs 400 g.

The following shoes are from the LOTTO brand. This company is not well-known, but you can believe me when I say that it produces a high-quality product for those seeking fashionable running shoes. This brand is doing all it can to increase its market share. Another advantage of the company is that it creates footwear for individuals of various ages.

These are also casual wear shoes that are intended to provide additional comfort to individuals. If you’re searching for high-quality finest running shoes with a plethora of features, these are the shoes for you.


  • These athletic shoes are constructed of mesh material, which provides unparalleled comfort to your feet in running fields.
  • This shoe has a rubber sole that provides additional traction on the ground.
  • It features a lace-up clasp with a black hue that helps you feel more refreshed and confident while wearing it.
  • A 30-day manufacturer’s warranty covers this running shoe.
  • It is ideal if you are searching for the finest and most affordable running sneakers.

Buyers Guide For Running Shoes

Finding a decent pair of running shoes under 1000 is typically a difficult job for most people. That is why we are here to provide a helpful hand. This buying guide will go over everything you should look for when buying a running shoe.

Fabric and Durability

When it comes to running, you can’t party, put on shoes, and go for a jog in the morning. Purchase a pair of shoes designed for jogging. Running shoes should be very sturdy since you will be using them regularly. As a result, while selecting running shoes, consider whether the fabric is breathable or not. Don’t simply spend money blindly by putting your faith in merchants.

Check out the running shoes of each brand whenever you go to a physical shop. This allows you to choose which brand is best for you. When it comes to the sole, high-quality foam should be used. Yes, there are expensive running shoes, but never be afraid to choose budget-friendly sneakers.

Fitting and Research

Beginners should always research comparing costs. The brands most popular among the younger generation are Lotto and Lancer. Even if your budget is restricted, you may choose Lancer or Liberty shoes. They also provide high-quality shoes at a reasonable price.

Your toe region should be comfier when it comes to a proper fit. There should be a space between your toe and the shoe’s top material. Check the quality of the shoes for a proper fit, and the material should be flexible.

Ankle Support

Ankle support is also essential, particularly while participating in outdoor activities. During early jogs, your jogging should offer additional support to your ankle. Extra ankle support may help you recover from serious injuries. Whatever your budget is, never sacrifice quality or ankle support.


We have chosen the finest brand of running shoes with the most characteristics. You will not be sorry if you get these shoes since their unique features will make you fall in love with these finest running shoes.

Please keep in mind that these shoes are intended for people who wish to spend as little money as possible. It is critical not to compare them to shoes from major companies such as Nike and Asics. You’ll be disappointed if you do. These shoes are best suited for mild jogging. If they work for you, that’s fantastic! You will save a significant amount of money.


How Do I Select the Best Running Shoes for My Feet?

Most running shoes seem comfortable while you’re standing in a high-end shoe store, but the real test comes several miles into your run. You will quickly realize that the ideal shoe has more to do with your running style and, therefore, the shape of your foot than it does with the brand sewn on the side.

Which shoe brand is excellent for a low budget?

Reebok Top Speed Xtreme Men’s Running Shoes is the best brand shoe for under 1000 rupees in India.

Is it OK to stroll in running shoes?

Yes, there is no question since both running and walking shoes serve the same purpose.

Is a low-cost shoe suitable for running?

Yes, why not, but only for recreational reasons such as jogging, running, exercising, and so on, not for professional ones such as national or international level sports

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