Best Sports Shoes Under 500 Rs in India (March 2024)

Best Sports Shoes Under 500 In India

Nowadays, everyone prefers to play football, cricket, volleyball, and many other games, which is why they also require sports shoes. Sneakers are shoes that are primarily designed for sports or any other form of physical exercise. 

Even these sneakers are also used for everyday casual wear. The question is that there are different buying guides for these sports shoes, which are mandatory to keep in mind while selecting the sports shoes. 


Image Product Details   Price
61utX8kBDlL._UL1100_ ASIAN Men’s Wonder Running Shoes Color: Green
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71iXen7CNrL._UL1500_ Bourge Men’s Loire Running Shoes Color: D.Grey and Black
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51OVgAIoKoL._UL1062_ T-rock men’s sports shoes Color: Black
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912Qn5LRPCL._UL1500_ AADI Men’s Running Sports Shoes Color: Grey
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71JI-o85t7L._UL1500_ ZOVIM Women Shoes Running Color: Pink
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So, while purchasing the sports shoes, you should keep in mind some of the points such like-

  • Always try to leave some gap of half an inch between your toe and the shoe tip. Then choose your pair of sports shoes which can allow you to perform the preferred activity. These sports shoes will give you suitable styles which have some unique appeal of their own. 
  • A good quality sports shoe will provide you with a good amount of flexibility, cushion, and breathability. So, you should be aware of the type, whether this is a normal or high arch, and also how much the foot rolls or out when this makes contact with the ground while playing. 
  • If you prefer versatile sports shoes, then you need to stand apart from the crowd enhancing your feet with a pair of casual sports shoes. This will look great with both the demine and shorts as well. 

So, whenever you are going to the market or purchasing this show online, you should be familiar with these entire buying guidelines, which will help you find the best ones from the well-known sites or shoes at very reasonable prices. 

So, here on this page, we will discuss some of the sports shoes under 500 available on Amazon. 

1. ASIAN Men’s Wonder-13 Sports Running Shoes

These sports shoes are made with ethylene-vinyl acetate material. You can get this product at very good prices, and right now, this sports shoe is available online for under 500 rupees. 

The lace-up will enclosure the firm fit and make you comfortable enough while playing. This shoe will surely adjust your foot and create comfort and an easy-going experience. Sound engineering strikes a balance in a style that can be made in the potent design and the latest fashion trends.  

The outsoles are made with an air cushion which can perform excellent durability and is also slip-resistant. 

2.Bourge Men’s Loire-z126 Running Shoes

This is one of the best sports shoes under 500, which have its uniqueness and flexibility. This shoe allows the air and helps their natural shape and prevents any strains and mildew as well. 

The sole of this shoe is very much comfortable for old-aged people and gives a lightweight feeling while you are doing a morning walk or evening walk. There has some value for money because as per the quality of these shoes, the prices have hiked enough, which might not be affordable for everyone. 

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 3.t-rock men’s sports shoes

This is one of the renowned sports shoes under 500, which is available on Amazon. You can rotate your pair of shoes once every other day after allowing them to de-odorize and retain their shapes.

There is no strain to the foot while running or walking. . This sports show is very much fit while doing the gym, especially while doing the treadmill as this is a very lightweight product and very easy to wear. 

4.AADI Men’s Running Sports Shoes

This shoe is available in various colors in the market. The basic style is toe style which has some special appeal of its own. You can elevate your style with a classy pair of formal shoes. 

The footwear will surely suit your personality. Nevertheless, this will also provide push cushioning comfort for the foot pain relief and help relieve pressure when confirming your every step. 

5.ZOVIM Women Shoes Running, Walking Sports Sneakers

This shoe also helps to retain its natural shape and prevent any strains and mildew as well. This shoe is made for long-term wear with the extra emphasis on providing a cushion to your feet after removing heel strain. 

Its 100% pure rubber sole gives you a comfortable feel, so you run, walk or move freely. The shoe provides additional comfort to the toe area, so you move your feet as naturally as possible. Overall, it’s comfortable and good running shoes for women. 

So, hurry up if you are seriously looking for the best sports shoes under 500 then these are the best with proper prices and several features and characteristics. So, try your level best to get the best one which will be up to the mark and has all the parts with the attractive quality. Who knows, you can get the shoe at discounted prices? Isn’t it?

Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions, which will help you know about the sports shoes under 500 in a straightforward way. 

What are the main features and characteristics of sports shoes?

There are different features and attributes for these sports shoes depending on the product quality. Make sure the synthetic leather and the mesh combination should provide durability and breathability. Apart from these, a good sports show should always have variable lacing systems that can help customize the shoe fit and a durable hill counter, which can stabilize the heel. Last but not least that reflective material should always be there for night or morning walking purposes. The sports shoes should be adjustable enough and durable, which will be very easy to handle. 

Does the money matter for purchasing these sports shoes?

Yes, this is very common, and the main question always arises in everyone’s mind. If you give that much money to purchasing any sports shoe, you should keep in mind that the shoe will be up to the mark and fulfill all your requirements.If not, then there is no value for money while purchasing any sports shoe. So, always do good research before buying any sports shoe from the market or online like Amazon.

Are online sites are the secure sites for purchasing these sports shoes? 

Nowadays, most people buy most of the products online, especially from Amazon, as they are getting discounted prices. So, if you are going to any shop and purchasing the product, you can surely get the same one, but at very high prices. So, it shows that online is the best platform to fulfil your choice, which will surely be equivalent to your requirements. 



So, these are the basic features and characteristics of the sports shoes, and here on this page, we have discussed the sports shoes under 500 as much as possible according to the ratings and all. 

 Last but not least that you should keep in mind about the quality of the products and if for that you are paying some more amounts also, you should go for it as the end of the day the product which you are going to receive should be prominent enough and should meet your goal or target as well.  

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