Best Router under 1000 in India (March 2024)

Best Wi-Fi Router Under 1000

Best Router under 1000-To have a decent internet connection is not a mere luxury in today’s world. We all need internet connectivity to make ourselves updated. The number of connected devices has grown several times than before.

Moreover, it is too expensive to provide data connectivity from various providers to each of your devices. Here comes the importance of a Wi-Fi router. Installation of these smart Wi-Fi routers can save you money and reduce your dependence on those unreliable service providers.

These routers come with excellent internet speed and range. A router can connect your smartphones and your PC, laptop, tablet, smart TV, and any other electronic gadgets.

Best Router under 1000 in India Rupees

Best Wi-Fi Router Under 1000

But what will you do if your pocket does not permit you to spend a ton of money on this? I have curated some of the best Wi-Fi routers under the 1000 price range to help you.

All of these below-mentioned products are entry-level devices that come with excellent features and decent internet speed. Let you dive into the article to get a budgeted one to serve your purposes.


  • It comes with 300Mbps speed
  • Provides an additional guest network
  • Compatible with most of the ISPs
  • Featured with an easy to control WPS button
  • Designed with two antennae and 4 Ethernet ports

TP-Link TL-WR841N comes first in the best router under 1000 rupees with 300Mbps internet speed. It requires a straightforward installation procedure.

Moreover, it allows you to control several features from the setting panel. This Wi-Fi router comes with two antennae to offer comprehensive coverage along with an excellent speed in any corner of your house.

This high-speed internet allows you to watch your smart TV or play games on your laptop uninterruptedly. 300Mbps speed helps you to download your favorite movies in a fraction of seconds.

TP-Link TL-WR841N is a leading brand that has gathered certification from PC3, C-Net, and Digit, like other magazines. 4 Ethernet ports help you deliver a speedy connection to your laptop, PC, or desktop.

There are 4 Ethernet ports present to connect your desktop or laptop with premium quality speed. Apart from the home network, this Wi-Fi router provides another 4GHz network to access another guest network.

Moreover, it allows you to transmit maximum data to the devices as per your preference. This TP-Link TL-WR841N is compatible with most ISPs, like- Hathway, Airtel, Exitel, YOU, and many others.


  • Compatible with most of the ISPs
  • It comes with 300Mbps speed
  • Suitable for 2BHK apartments
  • Connects up to 10 wireless devices
  • Featured with dual antennas

D-Link DIR-615 is another market-leading router available in this price range. You can use this router as a repeater also. 300Mbps speed and 2.4 GHz frequency have made it the best router under 1000 in India.

The company attaches a user-friendly Wizard to help you to install the router comfortably. This easy installation procedure can make it the best router for home use under 1000.

You can also change the settings of this Wizard as per your preference to get better performance. It has such an excellent speed that it allows you to share the data with your dear ones.

You will notice a 10/100 internet port that allows you to connect this router with any broadband network. Another thing you like the most about this router is security.

D-Link offers you a secure connection in this price range. Moreover, it has additional data streaming to share various files, photos, and data very quickly. You will notice dual-active firewall attachments to ensure a premium quality encrypted service.

It has a decent range to be ideal for a 2BHK apartment. QoS feature allows you to control the bandwidth connection to get better performance. Moreover, D-Link DIR-615 comes with a 3-years manufacturing warranty.

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3.Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router (White)


  • Designed with a WPS push button
  • It comes with 300Mbps speed
  • Featured with 5dbi omnidirectional dual antennas
  • It comes with an installation CD
  • Compatible with RJ45 cable support

Tenda N301 is another router that comes with numerous features. It has 300Mbps of impressive speed. Therefore, you need not compromise with the speed of this cheap-priced router.

You can get Tenda N301 in a compact size along with a stylish design to make it fit with your room’s interior. Though compact in size, this router comes with two antennas to deliver an excellent signal, even in an area comprising of many walls.

Moreover, these dual antennae have a 5dbi omnidirectional feature to ensure a stable and high-quality encrypted service. It is the best Wi-Fi router to be compatible with Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPTP, and many other ones.

RJ45 cable support allows you to connect 3 LAN cables directly. Parental control, MU-Mimu are some of the additive features that has made it the leading one available in the market.

At the backside of this device, you will notice four various ports present. One is a WAN port, and the other ones are LAN. These ports help you connect this router with several devices, including- smart TV, laptop, and gaming consoles, to get a better result.

Tenda N301 is suitable for a 3BHK room or an area that has more than two walls. There is a WPS button to control the Wi-Fi connectivity. Even the manufacturers attach a CD with this unit to make the installation easier.

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  • It comes with 300Mbps speed
  • Enabled with range extender mode to widen the coverage area
  • Provides an additional guest network usage
  • Suitable up to 400 sq. ft area
  • 5dbi dual antenna configuration

TP-link TL-WR840N is another notable Wi-Fi router with comprehensive coverage to be suitable for a middle-sized house. This model also comes in a compact size along with 300Mbps high-quality speed.

It is perhaps the best Wi-Fi router in India under 1000 to deliver a stable connection even when you have only a 25Mbps internet plan. It has a range extender method to enhance the network coverage area.

TP-link TL-WR840N comes in a beautiful design. It has a glossy finish to give it a stylish look. Moreover, this compact-sized router comes with dual antennas. These antennas help to deliver the best quality performance and speed.

5dbi antennas are suitable to deliver a decent internet connection up to 400 sq. ft coverage area. Besides, this device allows you to control the bandwidth connection to get the best data usage.

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  • Enabled with 300Mbp speed
  • Two antennas provide a stable connection
  • Ergonomic designed
  • Provides an additional guest network
  • Featured with MIMO technology

TP-Link TL-WR820N comes last in the list of the best router under 1000 rupees. Compatibility with IEE802.11/b/g/n makes it to access most modern devices.

You will notice 2 LAN ports and 1 Wan port to enhance the connection with your PC. Moreover, it has high-speed internet that you can access the data from any corners of your house.

Therefore, 300Mbps speed and 2.4GHz frequency has made it possibly the best router for home use under 1000 price range. Featured with 5dbi omnidirectional dual-active configuration along with MIMO technology helps a better data transmission.

So, it would help if you did not compromise with the speed of this router. It can download multiple files in a few minutes. TL-WR820N provides you an additional guest network to ensure the safety of your network.

Moreover, this device comes in an ergonomic shape with a pleasing textured finish to give it a premium look. There is also a WPS push button present to monitor the network connections.

Final wordsWi-Fi Router Under 1000

Here ends the list of the best Wi-Fi router under the 1000 range. All of them come with various features to provide excellent internet speed and frequency. Those who do not want to spend money to pick one can buy any of these products mentioned above.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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