Best Perfume for Men under 500 in India (March 2024)

Best Perfume For Men Under 500

Wearing the trendiest clothes in your gym-perfect body with the latest gadgets in your hand- none of these will work without a fantastic olfactory scent! A pleasant fragrance of perfume will always create a positive impact on all the activities you are going to attend. Every man should own at least one. Therefore, today I am trying to gather some of the best perfumes for men under 500. Before going to a date, party, or meeting, you need to spray your favorite scent to create an impression. They can make someone remember you!

Best Perfume for Men under 500 Rs

Many of us prefer a budget-friendly perfume. After a good research, I have come up with the list of the best smell under 500 Rs. Browse through the list to make a choice.

1.Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum For Men, 100ml


  • Comes with a likable scent
  • Makes you hit among ladies
  • Makes you energetic
  • Perfume lasts for 12-hours
  • Packaging is pretty

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual is the cheapest in the list of men’s perfumes under 500. If you are going to a club or a social gathering, spray this perfume to make yourself hit, especially among the ladies.

It has a moderate fragrance to enhance your personality. It is available in a pretty and rectangular-shaped bottle. Most of the men like the style of this semi-transparent bottle.

Coming with a pleasant fragrance, it makes you feel comfortable in public gatherings. Wild Stone is a hot favorite for all the tight-budget people. This lovely perfume will make you feel energetic on a long tiring day.

The fragrance stays for long 12 hours. This heavenly fragrance soothes your senses to keep you fresh. Instead, you will not develop any skin irritation using Wild Stone Ultra Sensual perfume.

It is possibly the cheapest perfume that makes you feel smelling throughout the day.

Best Perfume for women under 500

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2.Denver Hamilton Pride Perfume For Men, 100ml


  • Suitable for all age group of men
  • Protects your body odour
  • The smell lasts for eight long hours
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Comes in a trendy and classic container

It is the most best-selling perfume available in this price range. Denver Hamilton Pride Perfume comes in the list of the best perfume for men in India under 500 with having a long-lasting fragrance.

You will feel this sweet fragrance for up to seven to eight hours. It comes in a stylish and trendy container. You will undoubtedly love the leather cap along with the rectangular-shaped bottle.

Made with harmless elements, it is skin-friendly and does not develop skin irritation. Having citrus notes as an element, you can use Denver Hamilton for every occasion.

Therefore, this cost-effective perfume gives you a more comprehensive utility. This mild fragrance will soothe you to make you feel relaxed even in your busy schedule. The floral scent is truly intoxicating.

You can pick this strong smelled perfume almost in every shop and online.

Tormeti Vanish Perfume for Men

3.Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men, 100ml


  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Suitable for both young and adults
  • Comes in a classy container
  • Shake before use
  • Consists of citrus and woody blended scents

In the list of the best perfume under 500 for men, Fogg Xtremo takes a special place. It is one of the most long-lasting scents available. One bottle can deliver up to 800 sprays!

Specially designed for men, the perfume will last for a more extended period. It comes in an adorable and classy designed bottle to give an excellent touch. The metallic cap gives it more stylish.

 It has not only an excellent packaging but also an irresistible floral fragrance to make your day. This budget-perfume becomes quite famous for having an outstanding aromatic feature. It consists of citrus and woody elements to provide enduring quality.

The mild fragrance of this perfume makes you feel fresh for the whole day. Therefore, you can use this perfume as casual wear. To make a long-lasting and impressive impact, apply it over your inner wrist and ear lobes.

Fogg Xtremo is a budget-friendly and long-lasting perfume for everyday use.

4.Skinn Raw Fragrance For Men, 20ml


  • Most romantic perfume
  • Contains a mixture of raspberry, lychee along with rose
  • Suitable both for men and women
  • Ideal for the special day
  • Budget-friendly

To list out the perfume for men under 500, Skinn Raw Fragrance comes next. Do not forget to spray it when going to meet fiancée. The mild fragrance of it can enhance your mood romantic.

A mixture of raspberry and lychee with the rose helps to make the fragrance elegant. Skinn is one of the best-selling perfumes for its temptation fragrance. Floral and woody fragrance makes you feel both the smell of mild lychee and raspberry.

Though I am listing the men’s’ perfume, it is suitable both for men and women. Though the origin of the smell is France, it gains popularity all over the universe. It can make your special day a memorable one.

Skinn Raw Fragrance Perfume can make you feel fresh on a hot summer day.

5.Wild Stone Thunder Eau De Perfume For Men, 100ml


  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Suitable for Indian weather
  • Comes in a suitable packaging
  • Enhances your personality
  • Sophisticated and unique

Wild Stone Thunder comes last in my list of the long-lasting perfume under 500. It has 95% ethyl alcohol and 1% diethyl phthalate. Specially made for men, it has a soothing fragrance that stays for an extended period.

The most sophisticated and unique perfume available in the Indian market. It has an appealing fragrance to make you energized for the whole hard day. It is suitable for the Indian climate to make you feel fresh even in the sultry afternoon.

Just a single whiff can make your whole day refreshed. It comes in good eye-catching packaging. It has an irresistible charisma to hold your personality upright. You can use it on the special eve to make your presence sharp.

You will undoubtedly love this perfume at the moment you are going to use it.

6.Villain (Eau De Parfum) Perfume for men


To minimize your expenditure, this article on the best men’s perfume under 500 will help you. Perfume lovers can pick more than one item from the above mentioned to widen your wardrobe collection. Most of the scents are ideal for everyday use. All of these perfumes are readily available online. Pick one, spray, and off you go!!

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