how to take screenshot in Samsung m31 (Simple 3 Step)

how to take screenshot in Samsung m31

How to take screenshot in Samsung m31-Before giving information about the screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy M31, let us know a little about Samsung Company. Samsung Company is a South Korean multinational Electronic Device manufacturing company. Its headquarters is situated in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung Company was founded by Lee Byung Chul in 1938. This company served worldwide area. Its sells product like Clothing, Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, DRAM, Flash memory, Chips, Telecommunication, Home appliances, Mobile Accessories, Mobile Phones Headphones, and many more.

Samsung also has subsidiaries such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDI, and engineering Samsung heavy industry, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, Samsung C&T Corporation. Samsung’s word comes from the Korean Hanja. It is a Korean word that means “three-star” where three represents big, powerful and Star represents everlasting for eternal like stars in the sky.

how to take screenshot in samsung m31

Let us now answer your question to you guys, how to take screenshot in Samsung m31 phone?

So let us tell you in every way how to take a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31, there are many different methods.

After this, you will get all the information that How to take screenshots in Samsung Galaxy M31?

Now we are going to tell you some steps which if you follow then you will be able to take screenshots from Samsung Galaxy M31

1. First of all, you open the page for which you want to take a screenshot and Set the screen as you want to save it.

2. Press Volume Down and Power buttons together and after that, your screen will flash and shrink further.

3. The Screenshot Tool Strip will appear at the bottom of your screen for a few seconds. With its help, if you want to edit something in your screenshot, then you can do it, tools are given in it. If you don’t want to do anything, the screenshot is saved automatically.

To take this screenshot, we told you by hardware, now we will tell you how to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31 by palm

The Samsung Galaxy M31 offers a number of gestures, so if you want to take a screenshot through the palm of your Samsung M31.

In this, you have to go to your settings and see whether gesture mode is enabled or not, and if it is not, then follow these steps.

1. Setting -> Advanced Features -> Motion and Gestures

2. Make Assure that the palm Swipe to Capture is On by Swiping the Switch to the right.

If you have configured it then you can take a screenshot through your palm and its steps are given – 

1. Adjust the screen and the content to which your screenshot is to be taken

2. Put your palm on the edge of your phone screen and slide it across the screen. Either you can do from Right to Left or Left to Right.

3. Your phone Screen will flash and Shrink, which indicates that your screenshot has been captured.

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