10 Best Headphones under 1000 rs in India (March 2024)

Best Headphones under 1000

If you’re planning for purchasing a budget range of Best headphones under 1000 with good design, quality & durability that gives comfort & sound quality to ears, then this post is undoubtedly for you.

Nowadays, everyone requires headphones. It’s used to play games and mostly for listening to music. Mainly, gamers need the most effective quality gaming headphone to enhance their gaming. These gaming headphones help them to concentrate on the sound of enemy moves and even help them to speak with their inmates.

To help you, I’m here with this post. In this article, we surfed the e-com sites and listed some good quality Headphones under Rs 1000, which you’ll be able to buy online in India.

The sound quality at the low range budget is adamant about seeking out and build quality also matters for extended use. We’ve searched across many Headphones with mic under 1000, which will slot in your range, and made my possible efforts to save lots of your money too

Also, choosing budget-friendly headphones is challenging because we cannot trust without testing its sound durability and quality. But, no need to worry simply check out the list given below:

best ear headphones under 1000 rs in India

Best Headphones Under 1000

1. Motorola Pulse 3 Max Over Ear Wired Headphones

Key Features

  • They are Ultra lightweight with rotating ear cups
  • It comes with an Inline microphone
  • There are more than one colors & shades
  • It looks very premium and stylish
  • It has a Frequency response of 18Hz to 23KHz
  • There is a 1-year warranty.

Let’s start our list with Motorola Pulse. The most useful feature of pulse headphones is that they’re so lightweight that you will forget that you have them on your head. They also look so stylish and sleek. Like with the other headphones, you’ll be able to adjust the headband, so it fits you perfectly.

Another great option is that the cable is tangle-resistant and that we all know that untangling cables are some things that create many of us angrily, but with this model, you won’t need to untangle your cord whenever you would like to use your headphones. there’s also an inline mic that you just can use for answering your calls.

But let’s point out the sound quality. The frequency response goes from 18 to 23,000 Hz, and it’s a 36 mm driver. The sound quality is excellent, and it’s good even though your phone doesn’t have an amplifier. And when it involves phones, these headphones work well with both Android phones and iOS devices. And that’s not all; you’ll use them also together with your laptop or maybe a TV.

The downside of those headphones is that they don’t have such an excellent noise cancellation feature.

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2. boAt BassHeads 900 On-Ear Wired Headphone

Key Features

  • it weighs around 150 gms
  • Compatible with all 3.5mm Jack device
  • It comes with a Microphone
  • Very lightweight and soft
  • Has responsive 40mm Neodymium drivers

The boAt audio headphones are fairly popular within the Indian market due to its affordability and features. This Bassheads 900 Headphones from boAt is an over-the-ear headphone that targets the users who love bass. The quality is just awesome to feel.

Design-wise, boAt has done an excellent job with this product. The faux leather cushions feel comfy and can last longer compared to the traditional fabric cushions. Talking about the standard of sound from this headphone, the bass is on the upper side as we’ve expected from the name Bassheads itself.

These wired headphones priced under Rs.1000 deliver good sound quality for the worth at which it retails within the market. At times, the bass overpowers the mids and highs but it isn’t much evident when taking note of EDMs and other instrument-heavy music.

The wire on this device is very thick and long. It seems like it’s built to last, so thumbs up to boAt for that. The 3.5mm connector features a metal case covering which is textured. This adds grip to the pin and may be easily plugged in and out of the devices without breaking a sweat.

The boAt Bassheads is the perfect headphone for taking note of music while engaged in active sports like jogging or while understanding at the gym. The long sturdy cable and cozy ear cushions make this product a compelling choice.

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3. Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones

Key Features

  • It has 30 mm neodymium driver units for quality and clear sound.
  • Swivel folding design for straightforward folding and storage.
  • The headphone dimension is 13 x 5 x 18.8 cm.
  • The earpads are well cushioned for extra comfort to the ears.
  • It has a frequency range of 12 to 22 kHz.
  • Durable products with a tangle-free cord.

Sony is one of the top brands for electronics products and accessories manufacturers, and they are known for their standard products. Sony has accompanied top-of-the-category headphones for those on a budget. they’re bringing you top-of-the-category headphones with great features at affordable prices.

These headphones are one among the most effective you’ll get under INR 1000 as you enjoy the premium sound, stay trendy and classy at an equivalent time. The headphones are easy to hold about as you’ll be able to fold it flat and put it in your bag once you want to travel. With headphones, you won’t need to untangle your cable whenever you would like to use your headphones. there’s also an inline mic that you just can use for answering your calls.

The Headphone is extremely light in weight, and you will not feel any weight on your head as you enjoy the clear sound while taking note of music. Once you buy from a brand like Sony, you rest assured of the standard of the headphone like the replacement of the damaged item and a year guarantee on this product.

Overall, if you want something premium then, you must go for these headphones. Simply, buy this from the given link.

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4. Philips SHL5000/00 On Ear Headphone

Key Features

  • The cable that comes along with its 1.2 m long which makes it easy for you for outdoor uses too
  • The headband is formed from steel spring that goes comfortably on your head
  • It has a maximum power output of 40MW
  • No jarring after the sound.
  • The headphones fold flat for easy storage.

Phillips has once more made their customers proud of this stunning but yet dynamic headphone for taking note of music. The Headphone fits properly and provide one among the most effective bass sound systems you’ll find on a headphone.

Headphones are one of the foremost necessary things that you simply would like to carry while traveling. Philips in-ear headphones are one of the most effective options for it.

The 32-millimeter speaker drivers offer you an ideal music experience, and also the ideal cushion pads don’t cause stress on your ears, which allows you to enjoy music seamlessly.

The comfort quotient increases because this headphone is formed from a slim and stainless-steel headband, which doesn’t cause excessive strain on your head while you wear it. It securely hugs your head without adding much weight

As you enjoy the standard sound with its solid dynamic drive, it gives you the pleasure of listening to clear audio. the great audio system is one of the highest features of this headphone and an ideal gift for music lovers.

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5. UBON GHP-1270 3.5mm Wired Stereo Headphone

Key Features

  • It has a sweat-proof cushioning on the ear.
  • The cord length is 1.2 meters
  • There is a comfortable ear-pad for a long time in use.
  • It comes with a noise isolation feature.
  • It has a unique foldable design.

If you’re on a budget and searching for a headphone you’ll be able to use for as many purposes as listening to music and gaming then the Ubon UB-1270 MP3 On-Ear Headphone with Microphone is for you.

It is fitted to multipurpose usage because it is compatible with all devices, including all windows operating systems. It makes use of wired reference to a 3.5mm jack and works with any device with an audio jack.

A good bass system as you’ll be able to enjoy the clarity of voices and musical instruments. You can also do a call with these headphones as it comes with an inbuilt mic.

It is built with hard plastic. UBON GHP-1270 headphones aren’t only beautiful but also super durable. It can take a couple of bumps easily without getting any scratches or dents.

Also, there is a hand-free talk functionality. This functionality of those headphones ensures that you just don’t need to watch on your mobile while answering calls. It also ensures you get to speak without being distracted by outside noise.

It comes in bright ranges of colors because it gives a pleasant and stylish fashionable fit as you wear it. Foldable design with deep bass levels and a wider frequency spectrum, these headphones allow you to hear the music the way it’s intended to. In my opinion, one of the best choices for headphones.

6.  Redgear  Dagger Wired Professional Gaming Headphones

Key Features

  • RGB LED effect to offer attractive stylish looks.
  • There is an adjustable and noise-canceling microphone.
  • It comes with the impedance of 1kHz/32Ω
  • 1 Year warranty by the manufacturer.
  • There is a 7.1 surround sound engine that helps you to concentrate on the sound more accurately.

Next on in the list is Redgear Dagger Headphones. If you are searching for the best headphones under 1000 for gaming purposes then this one is for you. Redgear Dagger is like best of all budget gaming headphones, with top-notch quality products at a price range.

The Dagger is an exceptionally good gaming headphone. This headphone is not a normal headphone instead of a powerful headphone that you can use for gaming as well as for listening to music.

It has a sturdy full display with an attractive RGB lighting system. There is a noise cancellation microphone to avoid disturbance. you’ll be able to also use this together with your mobile phones by connecting them with OTG cables.

If I mention the design it’s very impressive, the LED effect on the Earpieces and tip of the microphone looks very attractive. Also, the dagger also has an adjustable and noise-canceling mic.

While playing you’ll easily trace the soft footsteps of enemies. It comes with an additional soft ear-muffs for a soft-touch feel even after hours of use. In my opinion, it’s one of the most effective at this price range.

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7. Sketchfab Extra bass Headphones

Key Features

  • Dynamic driver unit for powerful extra bass sound
  • It has a folding design for listening effectively.
  • Cushioned earpads for long-wearing comfort
  • Tangle-free flat serration cord for reducing tangling
  • Sleek and classy design

The bass quality of those headphones is amazing, it gives crystal clear stereo voice quality. the higher a part of those headphones is it compatible with all devices. Its sporty design is just awesome and built quality is additionally up to the mark.

The Bass Booster feature amplifies the low-end frequencies with the help of a specially designed duct within the housing. While an improved seal between the driving force unit and your ears keeps sound inside the headphone.

There is an effective Extra-Bass technology. It enables you to enjoy the feel of deep bass music during sort of locations and scenarios. You will get a touch like being at an actual club or live. A good bass system as you’ll be able to enjoy the clarity of voices and musical instruments. You can also do a call with these headphones as it comes with an inbuilt mic.

This wired headphone priced under Rs.1000 delivers good sound quality for the worth at which it retails within the market. It doesn’t cause excessive strain on your head while you wear it. It securely hugs your head without adding much weight.

Overall, you’ll always stay trendy and classy at an equivalent time. The headphones are easy to hold about as you’ll be able to fold it flat and put it in your bag once you want to travel. One of the best headphones under 1000 in India.


Everyone loves to listen to music and play games. Even many of them opt for live streaming. For this, you need the best budget range headphone. There are many choices available but, choosing the best one is essential to fulfilling your need.

You guys go ahead and choose the most suitable headphones as per your need. I hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions with us, and hope you found your best headphone in this price tag. Do share this article with your friends.

At last, the following was the list of our Best Headphones under 1000/- in India which you can buy from amazon.in

For any queries related to buying the Best Headphones for you, you guys are always welcomed in the comment section.

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