boat rockerz 550 over-ear wireless headphone Detailed Explained (March 2024)

Boat Rockerz 550 Review

If you want to know the review of Boat Rockrez 550 or you want to know when Boat Rockerz 550 came in market or launch date? What is the lowest price of Boat Rockerz 550? Is the Boat Rockrez 550 headphones waterproof or not? Is the Boat Rockerz 550 is good for Voice calls? Does Boat Rockerz headphones have noise cancellation? What is the rating of Boat Rockerz 550 Headphones? Is the boat company an Indian company? Is the Boat Company a Chinese company?

If your questions are also similar to these questions, then you check the details below, you will get all
the information.

Introduction of Boat Company :-

Boat Company was established on 1st November 2013, in Delhi, India. The name of the founder of this company is Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta. The Boat Company is an Indian electronic devices company established in Delhi, India. This company mainly deals with Bluetooth, Earbuds Headphones, and Electronic Equipment.

The legal name of the boat company is “Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited”. The Boat Company’s electronic brand market developed in 2015, Including Travel Chargers, Rugged Cables, Earphones, Headphones, and Stereos.

Products of Boat Brands :-

The Boat Company has made the design of its headphones in a different way, which is very audio focused like Wired Earbuds and Headphones, Portable Wireless speakers, Tethered Wireless Earbuds Wireless Earbuds, Home Audio Equipment.

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Boat Rockerz 550 Review :-

Boat Rockerz 550 comes with different types of headphones like which are most in trend these days and the reviews of the people are also very good like, Boat Rockerz Bluetooth wireless Over-Ear headphone with Mic.

Design and Specification :-

Company Boat
Product Model NumberRockerz 550
Manufacturer Company Imagine Marketing Private Limited
Mounting Hardware devices Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card, Rockerz 550 Headphone
USBA to micro-USB Cable
Color Black
Product Weight 245 grams
Form Factor Over Ear
Dimensions8.6 x 19.1 x 16.2
Overall Rating4 out of 5 (04/05)
Noise CancellationYes
Connectivity with Bluetooth, Aux
Technical ConnectivityWireless
Battery Capacity 500 mAh
Playback time Up to 20 hours
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Stand by time180 hours
Warranty 1 year (from the date of Purchase)
BluetoothV5.0 version

Colors :-

  1. Black Symphony.
  2. Black.
  3. Red.
  4. Red with Maroon Maverick.
  5. Army Green.

Boat Rockrez 550 :-

What is the launch Date of Boat Rockerz 550?

6th August 2020

What is the lowest price of Boat Rockerz 550?

1999rs only

Is the Boat Rockerz 550 Headphone Waterproof or not?

Yes it is Water-resistant

Is the Boat Rockerz 559 is good for Voice calls?

Sound Quality of Boat Rockerz 550 is amazing. Its audio driver size is 50mm which gives crystal clear
sound at high volume.

What is the Rating of Boat Rockerz 550?

Rating of Boat Rockerz 550 is 4 Out of 5 Star.

Is the Boat Company an Indian?

Yes, it is Indian Brand.

Is the Boat Company a Chinese Company?

No, it is not Chinese Company.

Does Boat Rockerz 550 headphone have Noise Cancellation?

It has Physical Noise Cancellation Which Removes unwanted voice during calls from all around you.

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